Drew Baker


Drew Baker, a graduate of  Montserrat College of Art is an award winning artist and illustrator. Over the past twenty years he has done work for some of the most demanding and best known brands in the world, including Star WarsDungeons & Dragons and Magic: the Gathering. Baker has cultivated a fan base with appearances across the US, Canada and Europe. He was the Guest of Honor at OSFest this past August in Omaha, NE.  
Exhibited in 2017 at the very successful "Dreamworlds" group exhibition at the Canton Museum of Art, Canton, Oh.


Travis Lewis


Travis Lewis, after working as a photographer for over a decade, has finally been able to pursue his lifelong passion as a fine artist and Illustrator in the world of imaginative realism. His work, which uses mostly graphite and oil mediums, spans across the horror, sci-fi and fantasy genres. His work is sought after by collectors due to his daring eye and originality that transcends reality and twists perceptions.

His work has been published in Spectrum: The Best in Contemporary Fantasy Art and exhibited at J. Anthony Kosar's Kosart Effects Studio, Illinois.

Chuck Lukacs


Chuck Lukacs has been illustrating for the science fiction and fantasy gaming industries for over two decades. He currently teaches illustration at Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, OR, and has spent a number of years studying ceramics, book arts and wood engraving. Since graduating from Detroit's College for Creative Studies, his paintings and prints have won numerous awards and have appeared in conventions, galleries and museums internationally.

Chuck has been featured in Spectrum, ImagineFX, FantasyArt Magazine, has co-authored Wreaking Havoc and authored Fantasy Genesis published by IMPACT Books. Clients include NBC/Universal, Wizards of the Coast's – Magic the Gathering, IMPACT Books, Pyr/Prometheus Books, Paizo, SuperGenius, Upper Deck, Games Workshop, Road Runner and Atlantic Records.

Kelly Potts Martinez

jewelry and doll ARTIST

Kelly Potts Martinez is an English jewelry and doll sculptor living on the edge of haunting, Mystical Dartmoor, Devon, UK. She was born and raised in Lancashire, in a landscape infused with dark folklore, Victorian Gothica and full of stunning Pre-Raphaelite art. She served an apprenticeship in fine jewelry design, master-pattern making for the jewelry industry, and antique jewelry reproduction. She has worked on such projects as sacred jewelry and ritual object restoration, and reproducing pieces for historic private collections and public exhibitions.

Kelly is also a sculptor of character sculpture dolls, always created with a nod to folklore, fairytales and weird nature. They are Kelly's way of bringing the fairy and folktales she loved as a child to life, reflecting her abiding love of vintage fairytale illustration. These sometimes quirky, always loveable dolls are testament to her previous work as a fantasy theatre, dance and independent film costume designer. All the elements of her craft from this are brought to intense miniaturised detail with these pieces, the emphasis on creating a narrative for each doll by using costume and hand-made or upcycled props to enhance the stories and tell their individual fairy tales. 


Mike May


Mike May has provided illustrations for a number of publications and products ranging from fantasy to historical.  He is a 20 year veteran of video game art, contributing to such titles as Star Craft: Brood War, © Blizzard and Red Faction Guerilla, © THQ.  He is currently a concept artist for The Elder Scrolls Online © Besthesda Softworks.
His historical inked images now grace the SIP Platinum award-winning Grumpy's Vodka and Ironface Gin labels.
More of his work may be seen in Dungeons and Dragons Magazine, Jim Pavelecs' Hymns and Wretched Offerings to the Golden Ones, Tori Amos' RAINN Calender and the award winning Tori Amos Comic Book Tattoo.
He has done largely digital work during the course of his career but is now honing his portfolio of traditional media for personal, gallery, and illustrative art.



Jeff Miracola


Jeff Miracola attended the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design and after only two years, embarked on a freelance career that would lead him to work on the world-famous trading-card game, Magic: the Gathering, from Wizards of the Coast, Inc.

Jeff has also worked on other successful card games, such as Shadowrun, Changeling, Battletech, Rage, Vampire: The Eternal Struggle, Judge Dredd and more. He has illustrated for numerous books, magazines, as well as conceptual toy design for Warner Bros., Batman Beyond and Nickelodeon's Animorphs.

Today, Jeff has shifted his style of art to focus on children's books, editorial work, and video game graphics, like those created for Electronic Art's: Mini-Golf, released on the Apple iPod.

Jeff's work has been shown The Canton Museum of Art very succesful"Dreamworlds" Exhibition, 2017

Aaron Miller


Aaron Miller spent numerous years as a mural painter in the restaurant, hotel and casino industries. After 10 years in the design world, he switched gears in 2009 to the world of illustration with a focus on fantasy and science fiction. The images he creates for the popular role-playing game, Magic The Gathering, are internationally sought after by collectors of the genre.

He has been an Illie Award nominee and published in Spectrum, BlueCanvas, Exposé, Fantasy+ and ImagineFX Magazine. Exhibitions include Krab Jab Studio, Seattle, Kenosha Public Museum, Wisconsin, Florence Griswold Museum, Connecticut, Illinois State Museum and Kosart Gallery, Maleficium Dark Arts Exhibition in Chicago.

2017 his work was exhibited in The Canton Museum of Art's successful "Dreamworlds" exhibition.

Ania Mohrbacher


Ania Mohrbacher is an imaginative fantasy artist working in a variety of media including watercolors, acrylics and digital. While some of her most iconic work is digital, her experience and technique with watercolor is at the forefront in her series titled The Long Journey.

She is currently creating work for self published projects and gallery shows. Her recently funded Kickstarter project, titled 82 Nights, A Fairy Tale Art Book, is now available at the gallery.


Pete Mohrbacher


Pete Mohrbacher is an internationally known independent illustrator and concept artist living in the Chicago area. Currently the artist draws and then beautifully renders the final image in photoshop.
Pete became known for a 3 year stint working on Magic: The Gathering where his art and designs were used prominently through the Return to Ravnica and Theros sets.
Now he works full-time on his creator owned project Angelarium. He and collaborator Eli Minaya, created Angelarium: Book of Emanations, which is currently in it's 3rd. printing. 
** Please see Prints and More page for our current inventory of Angelarium LE 18" x 24" prints**


Marc Opdycke

Creature Sculptor/Designer

A self-taught, independent creature designer and sculptor, Marc's first memories are of drawing. He drew to convey his fascination with the natural world around him. He had a focused interest in the beauty of biology and the anatomy of all living things, as well as a downright incessant childhood obsession with dinosaurs. 
As a child growing up in a rural town in Southern New Jersey during the 70’s and early 80’s, Marc took to sculpting with clay in an effort to make his own toys. he was soon able to transform his  mundane GI Joe action figures into the fantastical beasts he really wanted them to be.
His strongest artistic influences are those earliest impressions left upon him by the incredibly powerful works of Ray Harryhausen, Bernie Wrightson, Boris Vallejo, Wayne Barlowe and Rick Baker, then later in his life the mind-bending visions of Brom, Carlos Huante, Paul Komoda, and Allen Williams, to name just a few.
Aside from his personal works, he has created pieces for private collectors, statue companies, gallery and film.
 "I strive to capture a feeling, a moment in time within the life of a being that does not exist, to shine a light upon the beauty in the beast".











Jim Pavelec


Jim Pavelec is a recognized freelance fantasy, sci-fi and horror illustrator/concept artist. His clients have included Hasbro, LucasArts, Wizards of the Coast, Dark Horse Comics, Blizzard Entertainment, Applibot and Games Workshop.

Jim has successfully Kickstarted and published multiple books featuring his distinctive work. His work has been shown at both Gallery Provocateur and the Rotofugi Gallery in Chicago, as well as the Copro Nason Gallery and the Hero Complex Gallery in Los Angeles.

Jim along with Allen Williams and Marc Opdycke will be in Pyre The Art of Ritual opening at IKON IMAGEs on Jan, 20th 

Marc Potts


Marc Potts is an illustrator and fine artist, living and working in the South-west of England, Folklore and mythology inspire his paintings, which often stray from the natural world to the unnatural, and even occasionally dipping into the dark urban and the alien. His work is sometimes seen as an attempt to merge fantasy with spirituality, but often with a definite nod towards the macabre and the bizarre. Marc is probably best known however, for his more story-book illustrative work.
Marc's art has appeared on a number of book and magazine covers and he has illustrated a variety of publications and been included in collective art books. Marc has also contributed art to publications like ImagineFX.
He has been juried into the annual Illuxcon 4 times, and his original artwork is collected worldwide.


Steve Prescott


Steve Prescott has produced interior illustrations for many Dungeons & Dragons books and the online Dragon magazine, as well as cover art for books such as Fortress of the Yuan-Ti. His artwork may be seen in games such as Paizo Pathfinder, World of Warcraft TCGWerewolf: The Apocalypse (White Wolf) and Shadowrun (FASA). Most notable, he has worked on the popular collectable card game Magic: The Gathering since 2006 both in card art form as well as conceptual design. A masterful concept artist and painter Steve has designed the new online card game "Soulspark" produced by Copenhagen Creators and Wizkids featuring 500 cards!


Omar Rayyan


Upon graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design, Omar Rayyan settled on the island of Martha's Vineyard. The bucolic surroundings compliment and help inspire his "old world" aesthetic toward painting. Although looking to the past for inspiration and guidance from the great oil painters of the Northern Renaissance and the Romantic and Symbolist painters of the 19th century, he has picked watercolor as his medium of choice.

Having created illustrations for many publishers, including Simon & Schuster, Random House and Hyperion/Disney, Omar's primary market is geared towards children's and young adult's magazine and books, doing cover and interior illustrations. He has also illustrated several children's picture books.

Other genres he has worked in include the gaming market, most notably for Magic: The Gathering, where he has done card art and concept work. Omar was also among the talented artists who contributed concept art and created the look for the motion picture "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe."

In addition to his commercial work, Omar's most favorite body of work is not created for publishers, but just for show. Paintings of whim and fantasy made to indulge his own personal tastes and humors and to hopefully entertain and please the viewing public.

Sheila Rayyan


Sheila Rayyan  worked many years as a graphic designer and illustrator. Working with author, Kathleen Duey, she illustrated her young adult novels Sacred Scars and Skin Hunger both published by Simon and Schuster. Her work, "Turnings" was produced for the short story by Laura Ann Gilman and published in  Realms of Fantasy magazine.

Her love of illustration has branched out into her love of ceramics and  she continues to enchant us with her sense of whimsy and fun.

She has exhibited in Krab Jab Studio, Seatlle, Wa. and Virginia Weston Besse Gallery, Oak Bluff Ma.


Chris Seaman


Chris Seaman's clients have included Wizards of the Coast, Fantasy Flight Games, Paizo Publishing, Hasbro, Upper Deck Entertainment, Blizzard Entertainment, Warner Brothers Studio and Imagine FX Magazine, to name a few.  Chris has also co-written and illustrated two How-To art instruction books published by F&W Media, Wreaking Havoc: How to Draw Fantasy Warriors and Wicked Weapons (2008) and InkBloom:  Draw and Paint a Fantasy Adventure (2010).

2009 his body of work was awarded Best In Show at Gen Con (Indianapolis, IN), the largest gathering of fantasy and science fiction gaming in the United States.

 In 2012 his work took on a new role as educator in a one man exhibit at the Canton Museum of Art (Canton, OH) titled Epic: Warriors of the Fantastic.  Showcasing 54 original works celebrating and educating the public to the pop culture of tabletop games. 2017 saw him curating the successful Dreamworlds;  Exhibition of Imaginative Realism at the Canton Museum of Art.

He has also exhibited at Last Rites Gallery (New York, NY) and  Kosart Art Gallery, in Chicago.

His personal work has appeared in Spectrum Fantastic Art 19,20,21,22,23, and 24,the best in contemporary science fiction and fantasy art from around the world. 

Soutchay Soungpradith


Soutchay Soungpradith was born in Laos and with the help of the Grace United Methodist Church arrived in the U.S. in 1981. Upon graduating from High School in 1996, Soutchay was awarded a scholarship from the Columbus College of Art & Design where he went on to study illustration.

His art has been published in Imagine FX Magazine, Infected by Art Volume 2, and Spectrum 19 & 20: the Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art. Commissioned pieces are now in the hands of recognized collectors of the genre.

Raoul Vitale


Raoul Vitale was first employed as a stained glass designer and painter, but his passion was always to illustrate full-time. With no formal art training, Raoul went on to illustrate for books, magazines, gaming art, collectibles and countless private commissions.

He is a numerous Chelsey Awards winner presented by Association of Science Fiction & Fantasy Artists. He is also a Gold Award winner from Spectrum 19: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art.

 Raoul's work has be shown at The Canton Museum of Art "Dreamworlds" Exhibition in 2017