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PYRE |The Art of Ritual

  • IKON IMAGES | The Illustration Gallery 221 5th St NW 44702 (map)

Banner image A Daughter of Salem: Eclipse (c) Jim Pavelec

IKON IMAGES  is pleased to present 3 of the most famous, or maybe infamous, illustrators/sculptors working in the fantasy and  horror genres today. Their innovative styles and techniques have garnered them work in film, books, and more.
The pieces completed for this show are without the hindrances of an art director telling them what and how to create the piece.  
Each artist has their own ritual for bringing forth their innate essence of who they are as creators. The exhibition seeks to explore the artists ritual and journey to artistic fruition, and ultimately, theirs and our satisfaction.

Opening Saturday January 20th from 6-9pm, Marc Opdycke will be in attendance.

Jim Pavelec     |     Allen Williams     |     Marc Opdycke

January 2oth - April 13th, 2018

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