Jim Pavelec  is a recognized freelance fantasy, sci-fi and horror illustrator/concept artist. His clients have included HasbroLucasArts, Wizards of the Coast, Dark Horse Comics, Blizzard Entertainment, Applibot and Games Workshop.
He  has successfully Kickstarted and published multiple books featuring his distinctive personal work. His work has been shown at both Gallery Provocateur and the Rotofugi Gallery in Chicago, as well as the Copro Nason Gallery and the Hero Complex Gallery in Los Angeles and has collectors from around the world. 
His newest reach into artistic freedom has taken on deeper meaning for him as he seeks to explore and share his own world of demons, "Ars Goetia".
"I want you to believe that what I have presented on the page is something that exists. What its existence means may vary from person to person, but once an impact has been made then my spell has been successful. Something that you had never seen before is now embedded in your conscious mind. How much it impacts your conscious mind is dependent on how successful I was during my ritual."



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Allen Williams is an award winning illustrator, concept designer and fine artist. From a young age a pencil and paper were an escape and refuge for Allen. Now nationally and internationally known, for over 25 years Allen has applied his talents to everything from illustration for gaming companies and book covers, to concept work for major motion pictures and television. His vision for such projects ranges from illustration to concept work and creature and character designs. 

His personal work has a strong basis in reality but always flows into other worldly aspects. He primarily works in graphite, gouache and oils. Multilayered images arise in his work in which the fragility and instability of our seemingly certain reality is questioned. Allen’s drawings directly respond to his surrounding environment and he uses everyday experiences and objects as a starting point for many of his pieces. Often these are framed instances and objects that would go unnoticed in their original context. By choosing mainly formal solutions, Allen tries to develop forms that do not follow logical criteria, but are based only on subjective associations and formal parallels; these are meant to incite the viewer to make new personal associations.
His work can be seen online or in galleries across the United States, Europe and Asia. 



MARC Opdycke

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A self-taught, independent creature designer and sculptor, Marc's first memories are of drawing. He drew to convey his fascination with the natural world around him. He had a focused interest in the beauty of biology and the anatomy of all living things, as well as a downright incessant childhood obsession with dinosaurs. 
As a child growing up in a rural town in Southern New Jersey during the 70’s and early 80’s, Marc took to sculpting with clay in an effort to make his own toys. he was soon able to transform his  mundane GI Joe action figures into the fantastical beasts he really wanted them to be.
His strongest artistic influences are those earliest impressions left upon him by the incredibly powerful works of Ray Harryhausen, Bernie Wrightson, Boris Vallejo, Wayne Barlowe and Rick Baker, then later in his life the mind-bending visions of Brom, Carlos Huante, Paul Komoda, and Allen Williams, to name just a few.
Aside from his personal works, he has created pieces for private collectors, statue companies, gallery and film.
 "I strive to capture a feeling, a moment in time within the life of a being that does not exist, to shine a light upon the beauty in the beast".