A Teaching Day

Today has been an interesting day in the gallery. Had a young couple with their family come from about an hour away.  They always come in when they are in town. Future patrons I hope, certainly lovers of the arts, which makes me happy:)

Then a grandmother brought in her grandson to have him experience the art and galleries downtown. He didn't quite understand that this was a store to purchase art. So my "teacher personality" came out and we had a 45 minute lesson about the different aspects of what's here.   Both of them found themselves enjoying the current exhibition, "Forever Fairytales" He had a great time identifying the stories that went with the pieces. What was hard for him is that he wanted these pieces to be the same pieces he had been accustomed to seeing in books and movies. That's  when the teaching came into play.  I explained that each artist has their own idea for a particular story. Then I saw a light bulb go off in his head....these images were done by different artists! Sounds simple I know, but I feel it was a true learning experience for him about the creative minds of illustrators and how each one brings a different image, but the same story, to the page. Satisfying for me, him and his grandmother!