Well what do you know, people can like football and art. Who'd a thought!

 Most of my friends know that I love the work I do, running an art gallery, in a relatively small city in Northeast Ohio. Canton has some very good things going for it and it appears we might be getting more noticed with the expansion of The Pro Football Hall of Fame.

 On that note, a man and his son from New Jersey, came into the gallery after visiting the land of   "football giants". They were told to come downtown, yeah,  which is what all of us want to see happen ...lots of out-of- towner's coming to visit our downtown galleries and shops. 

Of course we conversed about the artwork here and he asked me if I ever carried artwork  from the book, DUNE. When the anniversary edition was published by Folio Society he had purchased a piece of the original artwork from the illustrator but couldn't remember his name. So....I immediately went on a search and found the exact painting he had purchased from the fabulous  artist, Sam Weber. He was delighted and very proud to tell me it was hanging in his living room. (Now you have to imagine this is a picture of a giant worm coming out of the clouds)

On his way out of the gallery he said,  "well ...so far The Football Hall of Fame is #2 and IKON IMAGES is #1."     Who'd a thought? :)