Exploring fairytales in the cold.

So today has been rather quiet in the gallery except for the fact I smelled something burning as I came in and turned up the heat and turned on the lights. Ugh, ok... first thing I thought of was how do I keep all the art safe? 
So I called the maintenance man and 3 hours later, after checking and rechecking wiring and  the furnace it was determined to be a faulty blower on the furnace. Dirty old thing has been shut off til a furnace man can get here. 
In the meantime I am sitting here with my winter coat on, and typing up the next copy label for the next exhibition to open "Forever Fairytales, Fables of Olde." Love finding out the history of these things and the fact that every civilization has tales of our human condition. Somethings never change!

Here's to a warmer tomorrow.